Black maxi's in NY available as of 20 mins ago

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I just popped into the Chanel boutique on 57th St in NYC and they had one black maxi with SH left, and Berdorf Goodman on 5th Ave had two black maxis (S & G HW)

    Unfortunately, I am looking for Black Caviar maxi with GH :sad:
  2. Are they all lambskin? I'm looking for maxi caviar black SH!
  3. Yes, lambskin. I held it and was very tempted for the investment alone, but alas I let her go... I want the caviar in GH :sad:
  4. do you see maxi in red lambskin ?thanks
  5. I didn't see any, but it couldn't hurt to call and ask - ya never know!