black matte reissue in gh

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  1. anyone know where i can find the black matte reissue in gh in 226 or 227?? tia!!
  2. i just got mine from penney at hirshleifers. she's wonderful!
  3. which size did you get? i'm torn between the 226 and 227.. by the way where is penney?
  4. i got the 226 because it's more versatile and can be used as day & night bag. plus, i noticed the bigger the bag, the more junk it ends up accumulating. penney is my SA at hirshleifers (department store in NY). i'm in CA so didn't have to pay sales tax. her number is 516-627-3566 ext 1132. tell her lisa from CA referred you.
  5. oh ok thanks!! :biggrin: