Black Matte Ostrich - Help!!

  1. Help...I love this ostrich Birkin!! :love: It is matte black. Does it have the rich black color of regular leathers? I can't tell and hope somebody on the Forum knows about matte ostrich. I have a cognac Birkin with palladium on order and wonder if I should get this instead?
    My wardrobe is mostly black and I have black bags and some I could sell to buy this one. :graucho: I have a black box Bolide with gold, black Birkin clemence with silver, black chamonix Drag with silver, black togo Trim with gold and a black croc vintage Kelly with gold. Should I sell anything? I know that list sounds funny...but I love black. :roflmfao: Also, I am really wondering if the black looks black if you know what I mean. Thanks!! :cool:

    Here is the Ebay link:
  2. Oooh!!! That looks nice. I didn't know Hermès also makes matte in ostrich. I don't know if it's authentic but if you really love black then go for it. I also think the ostrich Birkin will complement your croc Kelly nicely.

    If you think about selling, maybe you can sell the black clemence Birkin so you don't have 2 black Birkins. Just a thought!
  3. You sound as bad as me! I have 15 bags, 10 are black. My SA doesn't even bother showing me colored bags. I have to agree with LaVan, if you want this, sell the other Birkin.
  4. LaVan...I know this is getting really crazy!! Maybe I can check with my SA about black matte ostrich. love black too!! Are you from NYC? What about selling the Drag?
  5. Yes, Upper East Side of Manhattan, where black is de riguer. An SA told me the black bags never stay on the shelves, the colors linger here. In regards to the Drag, I happen to like that bag and don't see it too often on the shelves. If you sell it, replacing it may be hard.
  6. You're right about the Drag! It might be least that's what I heard last year when I bought it. Do you have more than one black Birkin? I don't mean to be nosey, just curious. I asked about black because there are a lot of NYC want to bes including me!!
  7. 3 Birkins:
    35cm black togo/palladium
    35cm black box/gold
    45cm black togo/gold

    The Drag is great, IMO, as I prefer totes and I haven't seen one in the last 6 months on the shelves.
  8. i love ostrich and i am pretty sure the bag above is genuine BUT as far as my memory goes i once saw asmall leather item in black matte ostrich and it was not a true true dark black more like a graphite or charcoal kind of black.sorry it was years ago so im not so much help the nly thing i know and remember that it was stunning so is the bag above but i would prefer it mor with ruthenium hardware as i can imagine the combination of matte black ostrich and gunmetal ruthenium to be a genuine blast and very modern with an edge but still oozing class :flowers:
  9. Beautiful collection hermesgroupie!! The black box must be gorgeous.
  10. Oh lilach...that must have been gorgeous with ruthenium!! Sounds very sleek since the HW must have blended in with the leather/ostrich!
  11. I would love to see you get the black ostrich, because as you know I LOVE ostrich!!!:heart::heart::heart: I agree with the others, if you get the black ostrich, I would definitely sell your black birkin and perhaps the trim or the drag (but keep the bolide and Kelly).
  12. NOT sell the Drag. Instead sell your other Black Birkin...did you check out Createurs de luxe? They have an ebone matt Ostrich Birkin that I swear I thought was black when I saw it for $19,500.00. It's just gorgeous! Check that out too....
  13. Also, I believe Lilach is correct in that the matte will be almost dark grey-ish in color as opposed to a true, deep black. It's beautiful just the same!
  14. Another ostrich fan here! I would also sell the other black Birkin and keep the Drag if you're going to go for this!
  15. Do you really need to sell any of the bags? :huh: If so, then get rid of the Drag (yes, I know... I'm not helping.;) ) But Hermes does make matte black ostrich. In fact I saw a lovely 25 cm matte black souple ostrich kelly w/ GH over a week ago. Adorable!:shame: