Black Matinee w/Pewter Trim

  1. O.K. ladies I have done it to myself again. I did not get the bag I when I should have. Could someone please point me in the direction of a Black Matinee w/pewter trim? Of course, with a code. I did not get it when it was the bag of the week on Delcina. I thought I would be fine with my Espresso MAB and my Glazed Almond Matinee. But it is not the case. I try to stay away from bags that are the style. But I guess I am hooked on the Matinee (TIA)
  2. Hi I think theres one on eBay right now thats starting at $395 with a BIN of $425 (its midnight and pewter, but I don't know if thats the same thing?? RM bags come in so many different types of black!!). The seller, l.a.samplesale, is excellent, and I mean EXCELLENT. I got two RMs from her within the week. I think it was the fastest shipping ever. I hope that helps ;) (and sorry if its the wrong color black)
  3. Tobi use grechen10 for 10%-- but I would go for the eBay one personally.
  4. YAY! You're going to have two Matinees! I love it! Do you plan on getting anymore MA's?
  5. I love this Matinee.....and the one in Wine.....which is looooooooong gone.:crybaby:
  6. ^You can get the Wine at Delcina!
  7. Yes GUNG, I am planning on getting more MA. I love, love, love the bag. The size is perfect for me. Thanks for telling me about the one on eBay. Just like Contessa said I am loving the Wine. I think that I might build a collection.
  8. Dont'chya LOVE that WINE matinee????????!!!!!!!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!
  9. Ok Contessa, as per our PM earlier, I take it back! I love the Matinee in black with the black suede and with the Pewter flaps! The pewter looks so iridescent and pearly in the most beautiful way!
  10. ^ GUNG you love them all, it's OK! And that's why we love you! ;)
  11. The one on ebay sold - did any of you get it?
  12. Our darling Contessa snatched that puppy up! You better post pics, lady! I want close ups of the pewter detail!

  13. :smooch:
  14. Contessa - Congrats!! I know you'll love it! I've been walking around with mine and the glam is growing on me! I'm going to keep it.