Black Marker on Label

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  1. There is a Splendid cardigan that I am eyeing....the seller says it is brand new without tags.

    There is a black marker slash on the label. What does that mean? Is it like a marked down item.

    Just curious....If I buy from shopbop it is like $10 more so I just debating.
  2. black slashes on labels indicate the item was sold to a TJ Maxx/Marshalls/etc type of store. The slash is through the label so you cannot return it to the place of original origin for a return/exchange.

    A lot of retailers do this when they sell their old stock off to the discount stores to prevent fraud.
  3. Yep they line clothes and bags to prevent returns for full retail price.
  4. Thanks for the info!!!! That is great to know.

    Shopbop changed the price on the cardigan so I think I will get it on Ebay after all.
  5. Hope it's everything you hoped for- good luck!
  6. Thank you!! :tup:
  7. Just for future reference, if there was a difference of $10 between a legitimate site (which I presume shopbop is?) and ebay, on an item I wanted, I would always choose to purchase from the legitimate site. It is safer- there is less risk that the item will come used (when listing says BNWT), damaged, dirty, smelly etc etc- for $10 difference (as long as the item is more than say $50), it is worth it.
  8. ^^Good point! (And yes, Shopbop is legit.)
  9. Wow!! I would hope that none of my buyers thinks like you do. It is tough enough selling on eBay with people in the answer center saying if it is a designer bag on eBay, it is a fake. But with this line of thinking, it makes it double tough.

    If you carefully look at the seller's feedback and use, you can usually be pretty confident of your purchase.