Black Mark on Tulum GM strap!!!

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  1. I bought a tulum 2 weeks ago and noticed that the buckles on both sides left a thick black mark on the straps.This would normally be hidden by the buckle but I will eventually want to wear it cross-body with a longer strap and then it WILL show.Will the store accept this back or is there any way to clean it? I LOVE the TULUM,btw:smile: TIA!
  2. The return policy is like 14 days unused or something...... BUT I heard with marks and stuff you can get one of those mr.clean magic erasers and just use it without water you can try to rub at it to get it to go away?
  3. I think that this is the normal sign of wear-the metal leaves this (oxidation?) on the leather, at least I had it on all my bags, baggy pm, Noe, and all the others with buckles on the straps like that. I can see it on epi bags as well when I look closely at the black leather. If you use baby wipes or the magic eraser it should go away. It is not a fault as far as I can see!
  4. i have it on my leather strap too...

    i guess its normal when i asked around.

    Alot of LV bags have black mark .... i suspect its mould...
  5. It is normal for for LV bags. The metal leaves this black mark on the vachetta leather. The only way to minimize it is to unbuckle the strap when storing. If one uses their bag often, there is really no way of preventing this from happening. One can use Apple conditioner as the leather turns or a magic eraser on new light leather, but other than that simply try to overlook the marks. The LV sa would tell anyone bringing their bag in with these marks that it is normal.
  6. Totally agree with southerncharm, it's just normal wear and there is no way to prevent it.
  7. SO true!! Its just the way it goes!! Mine did it too!
  8. mine is exactly like that too. i usually wear it on the shoulder and never cross body so i don't worry about it but if i lengthened or shortened the strap, it would definitely show.

    it's normal wear and tear from the friction caused by the buckle rubbing against the vachetta.
  9. Those marks are very normal. They are not going to exchange the bag. Take the straps off when you don't use the bag and that will help some!
  10. Thanks everyone! I will try the dry magic eraser to see if it makes a difference.:smile: Too bad that this happens...
  11. The magic eraser will take it off!
  12. Yupp,it sure did!!! Thanks so much for the advice!!
  13. This is absolutely normal. When I took it to LV, they used an eraser to lighten it.