Black MAM Question

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  1. Hi,

    I am wondering what kind of leather the Black MAM has (is it soft?) I have been looking for another MAM but they are so hard to find. Found a black one but was wondering about the leather.
  2. I enjoy my night/ gold crackle MAM...My night is a very soft black leather bag..
  3. Yes that is what I hear about the Night color. Do you know what the "Black" color one feels like. I think this is a 2007 MAM (actually, I know it is :smile:
  4. I have a black with the fleur de lis lining. It has a gorgeous smooth leather, and it's very smooshy. Are you purchasing it online?
  5. Yes AMJ I noticed that there was one available at Rok + Lola and the toutie code works for 20% off but I am undecided thinking that I will find a MAM in a colour that I am in love with :smile:
  6. ^so did you get it?
  7. Decided it was not for me. Will keep looking for the right color. But I do love my first MAM in Night Blue. Thanks everyone for answreing my question about Black though.
  8. If you are not in love with black, I would wait for the fall colors. There were some gorgeous colors in the preview. Stores may be selling out of current season colors, but more MAMs will always be made. Also at the Owl's Lab trunk show on April 19th, RM is supposed to unveil some new colors/styles.

    I think the older black is called "midnight". You might want to search threads for that.
  9. I thought the Midnight Black is newer than Night.....
  10. ^^^take that's the other way around i think
  11. Um...night is current season black. Noir is most likely going to be Fall 08 black. So Midnight would not be newer. I'm pretty sure that other threads have said midnight was the older black name.

    Haha, we were typing at the same time.
  12. :tup:

  13. Hi! That's where I purchased my Black MAM at! I called yesterday to hold a black MAM for my Mom! It's for her birthday:smile: I'm so excited, because she's really going to love it:smile:
  14. I have the same one. Not sure if it's the black satinwash or new black but it's yummy!;) It also has silver hardware not gold.
  15. Mine has the gold hardware, I love it! The leather is so much smoother than the leather on my Purple and Navy bags. It's seriouslt TDF!