Black Magic???

  1. Hi There,

    question: do you beleive in black magic? :crybaby:
    i personally dont.. but you never know..
  2. Do you mean what is commonly known as "working roots?"
  3. I am Wiccan, and even I don't believe in "black magick" in the literal sense. Magick is neither "black" nor "white". It depends on the intent of the magickian. In any case, I think magick is somewhat psychological. You can only be cursed if you truly believe you're cursed.
  4. Isn't Wicca witchcraft?
  5. What's black magic?

    ...sorry if that comes across as dumb...
  6. Mmm, I think it is a pagan religion that concentrates on nature and earth. Correct me if I'm wrong!
  7. Wicca is a nature-based Pagan religion. Witchcraft is the practice of magick. Many Wiccans also practice witchcraft and call themselves witches. However, some Wiccans do not. Obviously, there is a big difference between magick and religion.