Black MAC v/s dark grey MAC

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  1. Hey ladies,

    I had preordered the black MAC with GM hardware from Luna Boston which was supposed to ship on 2/17, but keeps getting pushed back (the note on LB's site mentions hardware problems).

    I remember hearing about issues with GM hardware being defective. The vintage dark grey MAC with silver hardware is still available and I'm considering asking if they'll switch my order. I really need a versatile clutch and running-around crossbody bag and thought the black/GM MAC would be perfect. Think the grey will work just as well? Seems to me it's still pretty neutral...
  2. I think grey is a good neutral color.
  3. I would get the DG MAC if you can. Gunmetal is nice, and according to RM there is no real 'defect' of it, but if you'd rather not wait I would go for the alternative.
  4. I have the black MAC with GM hardware and I have the DG Mini Mattie - I think the DG Mac would be just as neutral. It's a very dark gray, so it will go with everything and won't get dirty....
  5. The Dark Grey do look really nice in pics & it is as great a neutral as black IMO. I would get it & not wait for the Black with GM. But I am really bad with waiting tho.
  6. the DG is such a beautiful color....and it is neutral so it goes with everything...
  7. i'm the minority here but i like my black purse to be really black. so if dark grey is just a substitute for black i'll not be statisfied (i did it once with another bag and sold the grey bag eventually)

    can't u just cancelled the order with LB? i see on *bay there's a black with gm mac
  8. Thanks for the responses, ladies! I decided to wait for it. After looking at pics again, I think I really do want the black one, so I'm going to wait for it. LB folks assured me that there aren't any gunmetal hardware issues, the delay is due to the Chinese New Year and the shipment not arriving yet.

    Fingers crossed!
  9. If you really want the black you should definitely wait for it because you'll probably end up always wanting it anyway!

    I had the FIG MAC briefly - LOVE IT - So neutral!! I only sold because it had silver hardware - I'm currently looking for one with brass hardware and I think I've just found one! YAY!! Enjoy your Black one when it comes!!