Black Luxury Flap

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  1. I have that specific bag as well and they've been long gone for about 2 yrs now.
    This season the bag is patent w/ a resin/plastic chain.
  2. aww =-(

    btw thanks for the quick reply
  3. there are still a few out there. i just got the original black metallic luxury flap from saks two weeks ago- just ask an SA to do a search for you. i also returned the black flap in black patent to Neiman Marcus two weeks ago (when I got the black metallic from Saks) so check there too! I rerturned the bag to Tysons Neimans but it came from King of Prussia. And if u find a luxury bowler in red please let me know! good luck!
  4. ^ thanks... there's still hope in getting my dream bag =)