Black Lodge MM or Eliza


Lodge MM or Eliza

  1. Lodge MM

  2. Eliza

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  1. These two are the ones I finally come down to. Which one do u think is more useful, a good every day bag?:tup:
  2. I would recommend the lodge... but I think there is only the Lodge and Lodge GM. I don't see a Lodge MM on the vuitton website...:shrugs:
  3. I think the Lodge would make a good everyday bag. The front pockets look like you could really use them for keys and phone.
  4. lodge! it seems like a great shoulder bag that's functional and stylish.
  5. oops my mistake, u r right!! its the lodge:blush:
  6. I vote for the lodge, looks a nice size for an everyday bag.:yes:
  7. The LODGE is perfect! I have it in black MC and it's a great size!!!
    And yes...there is just the Lodge and then the Lodge GM.
  8. Cool! :tup: Then I'm definitely all for the Lodge in white.. It's just the right size and a great shoulder bag with cute front pockets. The Elize is just too small, you might regret buying her because you'll realize that she won't fit everything you need on a daily basis...
  9. cool! do you have any modeling pics with the black lodge that I can see?;)
  10. I will be the odd ball, I really like the Eliza! I think it is practical and cute, a very classic choice, just IMO.
  11. Lodge! I tried it on when it was first release and always thought of it as practical everyday bag without being stodgy.
  12. I voted for the Eliza.
  13. right now i'm leaning more toward the lodge, but do you think that can be a good evening bag too?
  14. lodge pm in black, sooo pretty!
  15. I have the Lodge PM, it's a great bag. I love how the back curves and hugs my waist :yes: very hot.... kinda turns me on LOL!!!