black lizard kelly

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  1. I think I found my dream kelly but I was wondering how difficult it will be to obtain a black lizard kelly? I saw a woman walking down the street in NYC with one and it was perfect! I also saw an orange one on eBay and I loved the look but not the color

    Anyone know how difficult it will be to get one? Has anyone seen one anywhere?

    thanks in advance
  2. There was one on eBay about a month ago. I think a TPF girl got it, or atleast there was much chatter about the desire to get it. I have never seen one in a boutique.
  3. they do pop up regularly and are easier to obtain then croc but only come in size 25 since a few years. (unless you are very very very lucky do get a 28 via SO it is just so rare that the skins are large enough)