Black line going across my cell phone screen?

  1. How much are phones where you live? Here, they're anywhere from $0-$300 with contract renewal.
    When I renewed mine, I got a Captivate Galaxy S, which was out maybe a month, for free. Do you guys have WalMart?
  2. Nope, no WalMart here (anymore). They tried to build it up here but the German people are pretty much against the whole concept of WalMart. Just didn't work ;)

    The Samsung Galaxy S costs anywhere between 450€ and 600€ (depending on where you look). That's about $620 - $830 *sigh*

    When you guys do it with contract renewal.. do you just pay for the phone at once or do they add like $30 to your bill each month?
  3. That's a decent price, but I'm not with T-Mobile and I have another good 1.5 years until my contract is up :smile: The price for non-contract people (prepaid) is more than Amazons... *sigh*

    Guess I'll just have to wait ;)

  4. We pay for the phone up front, but we get a pretty good discount if we sign up for a new 2 yr. contract. In my experience people don't sign new contracts unless they get the new phone, just let the service continue as long as they are happy with it & the pricing. So I'm guessing it must be different where you live?

    RE: eBay prices. People like to buy used phones because then they don't have to sign new 1-2 yr. contracts. That way they can drop/change the service when they need to.
  5. Right, and you told me when you renewed, you didn't get a new phone. Did you call to see if you could get one for a contract renewal price??
  6. I haven't been able to get through yet. The price to call is 14 cents a minute and after waiting 15 minutes I decided that it was too expensive to call. I have to go to the city next Tuesday anyway - I will try and go then :smile:

    I keep going back and forth though. 450€ is a lot of money... there's also the Galaxy 3 phone from Samsung... but that's just not as cool looking, lol
  7. It costs money to call your wireless provider for service?? What kind of wacky setup do you Germans have over there??
  8. I'm not sure if it's like that for all of them, but I know it is for at least 2 or 3! :smile: Stupid system, that's why I hate dealing with it ;)

    I miss the days of being with Cingulair, having about a bazillion minutes per month, unlimited text and roll over minutes... all for 39.99$ ;)