Black line going across my cell phone screen?

  1. Hey guys,

    after I came home from the gym yesterday I noticed that my cell phone had a black line going across it. This morning the line got longer and it just looks worse :-s

    Is there anything I can do? I don't remember dropping it recently... It's not a touch phone.

  2. Looks like your LCD screen has some dead pixels that could be a result of you dropping it. Can't fix it. You'll need to get a new LCD screen.
  3. They must have taken a long time to die since my phone has mainly been in my bag.

    Getting a new screen will probably cost more than the entire phone did. Looking at getting one of those smart phones now, but there are sooooooooooo many to choose from!
  4. Could have been something in your purse pressing up against it??

    Still pixels can die for no specific reason, but usually it's only a few. Odd that yours would have a whole line, but based on the pic, that's what it looks like. It might be a cracked screen, but I can't tell.
  5. The black line has gotten worse. In the picture it looks line one black line on top and another half a black line on the bottom. Well the "bottom" line has gotten longer and is now just as long as the top one... making one thick black line. It's a hard screen, not one of those soft ones that you can press against.

    I ran my fingernail across the screen and I can't feel any cracks or breaks.

    Does one dead pixel cause the others around it to die? I just think it's so weird that this line is getting progressively longer and thicker..

    Here's what it looks like today :-s

  6. ^^The same thing happened to my computer screen last year - unfortunately there is no saving it. The lines just keep multiplying :sad:
  7. Nooooo! :cry: No multiplying :cry:

    I already get very frustrated while trying to find a new cell phone. They're all so expensive and I just can't spend 600-700€ on a cell phone right now!
  8. Get a used one off eBay.
  9. This is weird... it seems like some of the pixels came back to life. The line is smaller today. Huh, very weird.

    Charles, I've been looking on eBay and the crazy thing is that a lot of the used phones are going for close to the price of a new phone! :wtf:
  10. How much longer til you're up for a contract renewal?

    What kind of phone are you looking for?
  11. That's the thing, I already renewed my contract and didn't get a new phone. I've never gotten a phone through my cell phone provider and didn't know how that works... and didn't ask either :-s

    I'm looking at the Samsung Galaxy S (Samsung Vibrant in the States????). It's cheaper than the iPhone and I like the look of it better :smile:
  12. If you didn't get a new phone, then they should be able to give you one at the subsidized price even if you've already renewed. Also, Samsung will be releasing a new Galaxy S in the next month or so. Think you can wait?
  13. Thanks Charles, I'll have to either call them up or head to the store to see what they can do for me :smile:

    Yup, I'll be able to wait! Need to wait until we get a big refund in the next (hopefully) few weeks so that I'll be able to afford the new phone anyway ;)
  14. Looks like some internal wiring isn't offering power to your LCD pixels. That tells me that you've probably got some wear and tear on your wiring - a common issue with flip phones after prolonged use and other types of phones where the components are somewhat "exposed."

    One way to see if your phone can repair the issue is to remove the battery completely from the phone/outlet for a full 10 minutes to allow for discharge. Then power on with the battery again. This should power up some of the other pixels - otherwise you'll know they've been shorted.
  15. Hey Kgirl,

    thanks for the tip :smile: I tried that and my screen is still the same. Black lines *sigh*

    Guess I'll just have to put up with it for a while and save save save!