Black lily

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  1. Hello ladies. I wonder if you can help. I am thinking about buying a black lily before the price increase. I am wondering about what type of leather it is though. On the Harrods website it says it is a calf leather. On it just calls it "soft spongy" leather. I'm wondering whether the leather will be grainy or smooth, matte or shiny. Any help would be appreciated as I will be ordering online. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have the black Lily in soft spongey. It is not matte and does have a nice sheen. The leather is not completely smooth as it does have a grain, but it feels very smooth to the touch
  3. So is there only one type of black lily? I'm wondering if there's a normal type & then the soft spongey is a diff version? Am I making sense? Your lily sounds lovely.

  4. I thought that there was also a black NVT leather Lily? I think that would possibly be more structured.....might be worth a look in the Lily reference thread? :smile:
  5. I will try & look in there. All the ones I've seen are fairly shiny with the shiny gold hardware. Was there ever a black lily with brass hardware like the oak one? If I'm honest I would prefer black nvt leather.
  6. The black cookie lily was matt leather and the original lily was buffalo shine, before it was replaced with soft spongey. There is a grainy print black one in coming soon though
  7. Thankyou. I have a 10% off code that Harrods sent me so would ideally like to buy it slightly cheaper with them. I may just order it & if I don't like it I will return it.
  8. That's a great idea, definitely give it a try. Personally I would have preferred the new grainy print leather if I was buying the bag again. The soft spongey does feel a bit thin to me, compared to my other bags
  9. I have black buffalo shine lily which also has a slight sheen and makes it dressy as well so perfect for nights out and dinner parties.

    But I can still use it during the day more casually.
  10. Thankyou. That's what appeals to me. You can go from day to night with it. I don't carry too much around in my bags. Essentials are wallet, phone, keys, eyeliner. It's a classic, timeless mulberry piece really.
  11. I agree. :smile: you will love it!
  12. I'm a bit slow, when will this price increase occur???
  13. Anytime now. There was talk of October, but I think it will be start of November when the new season items are available.
  14. Same here. I presume its the same as mine as I too got it from Harrods.
  15. Yay. Bag twins. Mine was from selfridges :smile:
    Have my eye on medium lily with nickel hardware.
    I love it!