Black/Lilac/What(not)toWear/Carry? Faux pas or...ooh la la?

  1. I usually wear black - almost always. I seem to be madly attracted to the lavender/blue bags...but I am not sure whether it's a faux pas to be carrying a lilac epi with all black on (ok fine, I could put on a purple shirt underneath!) or even the baby blue vernis variety...what would YOU do?
  2. It would look absolutely fabulous! I often use my Lilac Honfleur as a clutch (take the strap off) when I want to add a splash of color to my black evening dresses. I think it'd make the bag stand out even more, and you'd look fabulous!
  3. I like my bag to stand out when I wear black so ooh la la for me!:p
  4. Thank you Shmoo88! :tender: I think so too!:yes:
    I have dark hair, and an affinity for black. I'm always being made fun of for always wearing black (sorry, but noone complains when Manhattanites/wall streeters wear black - so why can't I?!) but people fail to notice the colour added by a scarf or other small accessories - heck even the shirts I might be wearing which are NEVER black - I just havent ventured into the coloured-bag territory :hrmm: yet and wasn't sure if it would fail... Thank you for your opinion!:flowers:
  5. Thanks MAriska - I have to agree!
  6. It sounds lovely! Black and purpley colors always look great together. :yes:
  7. Go for it. I always so rock your own style anyway. Black with any splash of color is great. Get some nice shoes and VOILA!!!
  8. i think the lavender goes with anything! especially black, the blue is very versatile too!
  9. ooooh! I love lilac, lavender (I spelled it as valender first lol!!!), and all shades of purple!!! you'll look great ;)
  10. I think it would look cute.