Black Ligne Cambon Bowling or Classic Timeless?

  1. hi all,

    need your pretty gals view on this.

    I wait-list the black Ligne Cambon Bowling bag with black patent CC and its here!
    Initally i tot it has been dis-continued and i will have no chance of getting it, therefore i am looking into the medium Classic flap with cc turnlock instead.

    And so my SA just called me and its here specially for me. I am going down tmr to the boutique.

    So i am in a dilema as i can only afford one now... so which one will you choose?

  2. what is the "medium Classic Timeless"? Is that the medium classic flap with the cc turnlock? If so, I would pick the medium classic flap. It's a gorgeous bag and a bit more timeless than the cambon.

    Is this your first chanel? Bc if it is, the medium classic flap is like the perfect first choice!!! any idea on what color you will be choosing?
  3. oh yes.. the medium classic flap with cc turnlock.. thanks evychew!
  4. they're SOOO different. . .
    what are your needs?
    For me, I am only a tote girl, I like a roomy bag I can fit lots of stuff in and can get into and out of quickly.
    The Classic Flap just isn't right for me now, so I choose a tote any day.