Black leopard Pandora

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  1. I have feel in love with the look of this bag. Lambskin scares me. Do you think it'd be ok since its textured? Is Pandora in dark lambskin still pretty delicate. Any advice asap would help me. Thanks image.png
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  2. I wear my mini and medium lamb pandoras in the magnolia print all the time (even in the rain) and haven't had any wear issues. I'm sure it helps that it's printed and the main color is black. Also, I always pre-treat my bags with Collonil nanopro as a precaution.

    Hard to say how the texture on your bag will help, as I've seen some croc printed pandoras in gray (don't recall which leather they used for those) which didn't wear so well.
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  3. What a cool bag, from new collection? G amazes me with their designs sometimes. Love the print with the color combo.

    I've been a G collector for over 10 years, and tho some things may have changed, and the reviews about fading and whatnot may be valid, but I've yet to experience any of this. I do rotate my bags every few months or so, but I am not overly cautious or lax about my bags. My lambskin gales and pandas have all been fine. As with anything, darker with texture or print will usually fare better than light leathers. I think this print is special so do what you think will be most comfy.
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  4. I really love it. I am also looking at a medium goatskin in purple. Both are me I love leopard and my favorite color is purple. I am debating if the large is too big? I love a big bag even though I'm short
  5. If you love the bags, and a particular print and/or color speaks to you, dont hesitate. As a fellow shortie, I love a large bag myself. Almost all my G bags are in med. Its just really convenient for hauling stuff. I just came back from vaca with my med gale, which I was using for work...great transitional, multi use bags. The year before, I carried my med panda on vaca.
  6. This looks exotic and quite interesting. I wouldn't know it was lambskin if you did not say so. o_o The leather looks quite sturdy to me (due to the texture, I guess).
  7. In not afraid of big bags but I wish I could get a better idea on size. I short but curvy.