black leggings/tunics still in for fall/winter 2007?

  1. I just bought a bunch of free people thermals and james perse long sleeve long shirts to wear with leggings and jeans. Is this look still in? (I know I'm so behind in the fashion world!)
  2. absolutely!
  3. I hope so! :smile:
  4. As long as the shirt is long enough. Dont use leggings as a replacement for pants.
  5. This is good to know. I wasn't sure either, but it's a look I'd like to try this fall.
  6. as far as i know, yes! leggings are still quite big these days.
  7. agreed!
    i see this so often and it's pretty disgusting.
  8. They're in all the fall lookbooks! I also see lots of black opaque tights worn with heeled black booties.
  9. Totally agree. I see this all the time here in L.A., and I always think we just don't need to see all your "business".:p
  10. These are ture words of wisdom.
  11. yes i think they are :smile:
  12. Yes.
  13. Absolutely!
  14. Bingo! Having survived leggings in the 80s, the stories I could tell, yikes!!

    Great advice, brazilian!!:tup: