Black Legacy Leather

  1. I just recieved my Ali in black and I have a question to those who either have the Ali or a legacy item in black.

    I noticed that the leather on my bag is waxy on most parts of the bag but on the sides it is not as waxy and has a smooth feeling to it, very similar to an ergo leather feel. Do any of you find the leather in black to have that many variations throughout the bag?

    I have a shoulder bag in natural and there is not that much variation.
  2. hmmmmm I don't know. sorry
  3. I have 4 leather Alis...the brown has no real variation in texture, very waxy-like...whiskey has a little...white has a little more...and my black is mainly smooth. It is normal for the Legacy vintage leather to have variations. Another poster here just received her black Legacy and was surprised at the non-smooth texture it had all over so there's a whole range within the vintage leather. I'll post a pic of mine if you want or you can check out the Ali Support Group thread with multiple pictures. What you have is very normal!
  4. ^^^That is good to hear. I just wanted to make sure that it is normal for alis to have variation throughout the bag.

    I usually don't get a lot of leather bags to know.:sweatdrop: