Black Leather Peggy?

  1. ok ok.. i totally missed da sale co'z i had more important matter to deal wid.. now i'm blaming myself for not getting one before.. so does anyone know where i could still get the black leather peggy large shoulder bag?? pls. help me .. lol i'm going nuts.. :wtf:
  2. You might want to call the Gucci Outlet (cabazon) I saw it in white and black leather on 4th of july.
  3. My friends got 2 at the NYC 5th Ave. store the first week in July. They still had some then. You could try calling.
  4. i think they had some on as well :smile:
  5. ^^ the one in bluefly got sold already.
  6. If you can't get the black leather peggy, the black leather indy is (in my opinion) way way way more sexy and glam.
  7. =( that happend to me too... i was actually IN THE GUCCI STORE during the sale and wanted to buy the peggy in the signature jacquard.. i dont know what i was thinking and didnt buy it, and just like u, im going nuts.

    i purchased one on eBay after having a couple of the ladies say that it looked authentic. waiting for it in the mail. *crosses fingers*.. hope it goes well.
  8. oh, and good luck ! hope you find one =D i LOVE the peggy =D