Black Leather Oversize COCO CABAS....

  1. is at 57th Street Chanel. Ask for Brendan... I tried it on and I am in the list for a brown one...
  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I have been going crazy looking for this bag. Unfortunately, they are closed now. I'll try in the morning! :flowers:
  3. No problem... Brendan had one as of 3PM ESY. If not.... Call Melissa in Boca... she has a few... but they closed at 4Pm b/c of Ernesto....
  4. Jap, Did you see any pics of the brown?
  5. Yes... its like the outdoor collection brown....HTH
  6. trying to decide between COCO in brown, outdoor large tote in brown...CB N/S tote in black and that interlaced chain calfskin shopper...
  7. I want the outdoor in brown, but can't find one!! Would you like to share where I can find this lovely bag? PLEASE :yes:
  8. I have a very "poor connection" with this one...the word of an SA that I have not worked with in the past at a store I don't typically shop at... And...she took my name and number but I did not take hers (had no idea at the time that location would be a challenge)... Will let you know the minute I get confirmation that it exists and is available to order/reserve/wait list/etc.
  9. Thank you DAH-LING!! Please PM me when you find anything out. I thought I was getting it last week b/c I couldn't tell the difference between the outdoor and the diamond stitch - LOL!!
  10. Japs, when I called NM in Newport Beach for my Outdoor tote the s/a said I got the last one. I'm sure other NM stores have it in stock. Because I wanted to be sure I was getting the Outdoor versus the Diamond Stitch, I asked the s/a to remove the bag from the box and describe the size and placement of the CC's. When she said they are centered on top of the bag and are small, I knew I was getting the Outdoor.

    The small Outdoor tote is larger than the small Diamond Stitch, so you might be able to make do with it, especially because I'm not even sure the Outdoor tote is coming in a larger size like the DS. Are you certain it is?

    I'll get pics of mine up tomorrow. Hopefully it will arrive as scheduled!
  11. Okay...I called Chanel 800 to inquire about the Outdoor tote. She CS rep indicated the Outdoor collection has four basic styles. One of these styles is a "boxy" tote/bag. She indicated there is only one size...

    So, no large Outdoor tote???
  12. That makes sense SoCal! But that one size is larger than the small Diamond Stitch!
  13. Yes, it (the Outdoor tote) appears to be "in between" the small and large DS tote sizes. : )
  14. Thanks for the info!!