Black Leather Miracle(PICS)

  1. I am back from my trip for my birthday present..get ready for a Coach strip tease!!!

  2. :popcorn:
  3. Okay, what is in the package? Please do tell.

  4. Lets see if I can remember how to post pics..:p

  5. Here it is a black leather medium Carly!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  6. Oh, very pretty!! I like the Carly in black leather! It's very good looking and classy!! Congratulations!
  7. beautiful !
  8. Thanks... I :heart: it.
    Here is what is in the bag.

  9. OMG!!!! AWESOME!!!! Congrats!!!!
  10. Modeling Pic... Sorry it isn't a very good pic.:rolleyes:
  11. Very nice! Enjoy your new bag.
  12. AWESOME!!!

    Congrats!! The Carly freaking rocks and the charms you got are CUTE! I love the flower!
  13. Beautiful bag and uh, you got the two charms I want! My first initial is a "C" and I LOVE the new pink/red flower!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Beautiful......congrats!!
  15. I have the medium sig carly in black and was wondering if the leather sloughes the same as the signature?