Black Leather LV Mizi Purse

  1. I am so sick that I didn't purchase when they were available a year ago. Does anyone know where I can still find one? I have exhausted my resources to no avail.

    Feeling helpless...
  2. i think all you can do now is wait for one to materialize on eBay. that's what i have to do for all my discontinued pieces :mad:.
  3. Let-Trade just had one. It went for $2,699.99 and I think another tPFer bought it.
  4. Your best bet would be eBay. :sad:
  5. Ya, Let-Trade had one a few days ago but he might have more later. Just keep watching on ebay.
  6. I have the vienna klara in aubergine and wished I had also purchased the vienna Mizi (I HAD it in my hands:crybaby:). This was a stunning range:love:
  7. What does this look like? As I was told when I ordered a Le Catalogue (put on waiting list), the SA told me that this purse was still in the cataloge, but it's discontinued.
  8. :smile:
  9. I love it!!! The Mizi :heart: ooh
  10. Stunning bag! :heart:
  11. Irene, what a gorgeous bag :love:.
  12. its a gorgeous bag.. so classy
  13. Thank you, ladies! That's one of the bags that I'll never part with for sure!:yes:
  14. That's gorgeous Irene:smile:
  15. nice, very niiiiiice.... makes the stam hide its head...