Black Leather Jacket

  1. Hi Guys, I have been looking for a cropped or normal length black leather jacket everywhere and havent had much luck. Can anyone please help me out?? :confused1:

  2. anyone???
  3. Rick Owens did some really great ones that have the stretchy bits at the hem. Very chic.
  4. I've been looking at Mike & Chris ones myself. Good luck on your search :smile:
  5. i bought mine from mango winter collection 2006 on sale for 70 euro. its a good copy from the famous roland mouret leather jacket all the celebrity people were wearing. maybe you can find a nice one at mango.
    m by madanno at h&m has a great leather jacket for 150 euro. looks quite classic and basic. hope it helps.
    good luck!
  6. Hi- you didn't specify your budget- height or body shape!! I agree that Mango makes nice leather jackets, Kenneth Cole is durable, Wilson's economical. BCBG makes occasional pieces that are divine, so does Iceberg :heart: , you may also opt for a naughty leopard lining number courtesy of Dolce & Gabana

    Here are a few links, at the classical pea coat undergoes a material makeover, the white is utterly refreshing

    cropped in basic black:

    yum- the weaving adds character:
  7. I bought my Wallace Sacks from Topshop during the summer sales for £25 (was £80)
  8. i think it's nice price!
  9. Sorry my mistake! I am about 163cm and medium build. Budget i say around 500-600US as once i convert it back to Aus dollars, it gets quite expensive with shipping. I love BeBe but they do not ship internationally.
    Also the sizes left are too small :sad::sad:
    I am opting for a Mike and Chris but 1) over my budget 2) Sold out in L's most places 3) Not sure if its thick enough to wear in the middle of winter.

  10. I Have good news for you, check out - you can apply for either a US mail box or order internationally via their personal shopper, check out the local listings for your area

    If you're a leather fan then invest in a good piece- it should last you ages with proper care, you may want to opt for one that has a zippered removable wool lining- this way you get to wear it sans extra padding for spring and reattach the wool for chilly weather. hope this helps =)
  11. i pre-ordered a mike & chris jacket in March. i have no problems with the pre-order. they're keeping good communication. try!

    1) i thought it would be over my budget too, but i thought about it and it'll be worth it considering the endless amounts of clothes it would work with. 2) like i said, the pre-ordering has been no problem for me.. YET! the shipment's due soon.. in a month approx! 3) i saw picture of keira knightley wearing it in the late winter months.. late december, i believe? hope this helps!