Black Leather Horsebit Studded Clutch???

  1. I was wondering if anyone knows any brands that has a Horsebit studded clutch ... I know Gucci has it but they dont sell it at the stores anymore....I googled it but I cant find any nice ones...I heard about D&G having a horsebit clutch but I've never seen it...I looked on eBay but a lot of them are the Monogram Gucci Horsebit clutches.....

    I'm going crazy trying to find this clutch but I can't find one!!! I saw one on but I think this is a replica? :cursing:

    What do you all think?


    BTW, does the hardware look SILVER or LIGHT GOLD on here??? Thanks again!!!
  2. anyone?? im going crazy! lol
  3. anyone???
  4. hey there - horsebit clutches are a Gucci style. You shouldn't be finding the horsebit in that exact same or similar style by any other designer.

    The one on overstock is a replica of the Gucci horsebit clutch. An authentic one is significantly costlier.

    Hope that helps! Good luck with your search!
  5. Hey.. You might try Ebaying Tom Ford for Gucci. The Overstock bag looks to me like a Tom Ford style from when he designed for Gucci.
    The horsebit if Def. a Gucci signature.... Hope this helps!