Black leather fendi spy

  1. Anyone knows where can I get the black leather fendi spy? Really wanting one now.. :cry:
    Really appreciate your help....:biggrin:
  2. I would try calling Saks and Neiman or even a Fendi Store. They were available on preorder at Saks, but not anymore. If you really want one, I'd definitely start tracking one down now, I've heard they were going to discontinue the black soon...if they haven't already. Sorry, I wasn't much help.
  3. I hear its sold out and will be discontinued. I don't know why. A couple of weeks ago I was torn between the black and the hologram because I was told the black one is actually rare. But I eventually didn't buy the one and only one available because I already have a dark brown and it's going to be too similar. Good luck in your search!
  4. i saw one in Dubai's Fendi
  5. No, its not sold out.

    Call Bloomingdale's in Palm Beach, Florida (561-625-2000) or the Fendi Store in New York (212-759-4646).

    Also the Fendi store in Houston has one too.

    As of last week they all had black. Black is not one of the more popular colors so there are more out there than you think.

    When I was searching around for a Spy most stores had black and nothing else.
  6. It's going to be discontinued??? :sad: I'm telling my hubby to buy it for me around december or january for my birthday. Is it gonna be too late? If it is, then I'll have to move it forward :graucho: The thing is, I'm in Sydney and have to find a store that ships to australia :P
    I'll try looking for it here first.
  7. I have a black spy, just bought it 3 weeks ago, it's not discontinued I's just not that popular! It is a great colour though, no discolouration or stains, not visible peeling handles and it goes with every other colour! Good luck finding one