Black leather COACH bag with fading leather that transfers.

  1. I have a black leather coach bag that has been worn a lotlotlot! The handles are fading and the black color transfers onto my clothing. do you think I should bring it back to the store to get it fixed? is it worth getting it fixed? around how much would it be? the bag is pretty old. i will have pics soon. i'm not sure of the style either :sad:
  2. They might replace or fix the bag for free I think. Go to the Coach store and ask. If you have to pay to get it fix, I think its better to get a new bag than get it fix.
  3. I returned a brand new Ali for the same reason. The black dye was transferring onto everything. When I took it back to the store the SA acknowledged that this was sort of a known issue, and took the bag back without any problem.

    I've had some Coach bags for many years and have never had it happen due to age, that's odd. I am sure Coach can suggest something. Good luck!
  4. I would bring it in and see what they say...
  5. Coach will repair or replace it if it is a dye issue - I would take it in.
  6. But then again.. this is a pretty OLD bag. its been around for 3 years probably.. is that okay? my mom read the cards that comes with the bag and it says lifetime guareentee..