black leather clutch bag

  1. What do u all think of the chanel's black caviar leather clutch bag? the one with the logo as the buckle and a quilted one.

    I'm wondering if its worth the value and if it's still a keeper and must have now, pls comment :p
  2. Thats the timeless clutch and yesssssssssss go for it....its so incredibly chic..
  3. Love it. It's not too tiny -- holds alot. And chic as well.
  4. Its a keeper!! It holds the perfect amount of necessities and is easy to carry!! Its a must have!!
  5. Nerphanie and I just got it over the weekend and I looove it!! It's definitely a keeper!
  6. The timeless clutch is beautiful- definitely get it!
  7. im eyeing a red and patent black timeless clutch.. :love: