Black Leather Baby Cabas : will it be repeated ????


May 29, 2006
Hi ladies,

I'm deseperately looking for a black Baby Cabas.

Yesterday, I've called every Chanel Boutique here in Paris : there is not a single one left in France:crybaby: !!!!
All the SA told me the Baby Cabas was sold out in black...
and it will be available for 07 only in Denim:sad: => IS IT TRUE ????????????
And the waiting lists for a black leather are so long ...that they are closed:sad: !!!!

Finally today a SA has accepted to put me not on the list...but on small carnet he always hold with him:s ...and he told me that the chances of having the Baby Cabas are close to 0 :crybaby: ...
My SA in US said they are expecting more at her boutique. I don't know if they do international shipping, but you could try getting on a list in the US.
I am afraid but probably they are right. I was also told the baby coco cabas in black (or any other colour) are just planned as "one shot" and for now no reproduction of black is confirmed. :hysteric:

I have been looking for the baby cabas in black about 3 weeks ago and I called about a dozen boutiques in different countries with no luck. Well, only thanks to very, very fortunate circumstances I finally found one in a Chanel boutique but it was only a lot of luck and I can give you no special advice.

For sure (at least in Central Europe) it is much easier to find a white or a khaki baby coco cabas then a black one. A lot of boutiques did NOT EVEN get ONE black baby cabas.

So if you really want this Chanel bag - and as weird this might sound to tell somebody who lives in Paris - it might be easier hunting down one in the States :confused1: . Good luck!
wow, for what I know I think in the US people were not as crazy about the black when it came as with the bronze. My SCP SA told me her manager said NYC has about 150 ppl on the waitlist for the bronze.... I think you may want to try calling stores and dept stores in the US. Good luck.
Its true there are lots of people on waiting lists,but, the lists arent as long as you might think. Even when I cant get a bag for somebody at my store, I usually can get it through a contact somewhere else. The more you think you cant get something, the more you want it. A key way to be on top of things would be to find out when the trunk shows are for the next season. This way you have a top spot on the list.
I called the Chanel 1-800 number and got myself put on the reserve list for the black baby cabas bag about four weeks ago. About two-three weeks after I was put on the reserve list, I got a phone call from Chanel in Chicago and I got one. It might be worth a shot!