Black leather baby cabas or regular cabas?

  1. I hope this is not a repeat thread. Which one? Any input on daily use, sizes would be really helpful. Thanks.

    Seems my number is coming up on a list, and I may have a choice.
  2. If you carry a lot regularly, I would go with the regular size cabas. If not, then I say get the baby cabas.
  3. I prefer the original Cabas but I really like big bags - it all depends on what you think you'll wear more.
  4. I also prefer the original Cabas. Hope to get one too.
  5. I have the original one and love it!
  6. I prefer the baby. The shape is just more me and I love the diamond stitching.
  7. orignal cabas for me all the way. i don't have to worry about it, it's huge and it looks cute with EVYERHTING. from a wife beater and stretch pants to black pants and boots! i love mine!
  8. I have read in here that the thread on the quilted bottom has come out on some bags - so be careful.
  9. Thanks. Yeah I just read that in another thread, and to be honest, that may influence my decision. I hope that it only happened on a few people's bags . . .
  10. i vote for the original.
    i like it clena without the stitching down there, and the size of the original is perfect :yes:
  11. They both nice~ Baby cabas has the diamond stiching at the bottom which makes it more classic and the original style is very roomy.
  12. i have to original one and love it! It goes with everything
  13. i'm petite, so i can only go for baby cabas, the original one is way too big for me for everyday use.
  14. it depends on your size. the original can be really huge if your small but it all depends on how you rock the bag. But it you carry a lot of stuff then the original size is better. Goodluck!
  15. Depends on your size and how much you need your bag to hold...I would try them both on if you can and go from there...