Black leather Audrey at outlets?

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  1. Is the black leather Audrey showing up at outlets now? It was in the going once going twice area when the new floor set came out, but I just noticed it is out of stock. The acorn is still available. Does this mean the black is sold out, or possibly headed to the outlets?
  2. St. Augustine outlet had the black leather Audrey yesterday.
  3. Yep, the black leather Audrey is at outlets, I have seen a couple.
    I have also seen a few brown ones, I think it's acorn, has gold hardware.
    They also have the op art black Audreys and carryalls in addition to the black leather Audrey and carryall, all of which are still on the site in the going once going twice section, which is kinda sneaky that they still have those on there if you ask me. Basically, I've seen over half that page just at my two local outlets!
  4. I saw the black and saffron leather audreys at my outlet over the weekend. I wish I could have purchased each one-they're both so beautiful!! Good luck!!
  5. I also saw the black Audrey at my outlet along with EVERYTHING else from the last floor set!
  6. yes... all the audreys are at the outlet.. they are clearing out madison line.. that's why even the embossed audrey is showing up at the outlet.
  7. Thanks ladies! I'll check my outlet and hopefully find one.
  8. #8 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
    Well, I had no luck finding a black audrey at my outlet, but I came home with something even better....purple exotic audrey.
  9. ^^ Congrats!!! She's a gorgeous bag! I'm biased though. :P