Black Large Muse

  1. Hi girls

    I am looking for a new YSL Muse......Any idea where I could still find one?
  2. If you dig around in that huge collection of yours you might find one..
  3. Try the YSL boutiques. If you don't mind calling around, you might be able to find one at Saks or Neiman Marcus.

  4. awww, Irishgal help me find one......:graucho:
  5. I'm looking!!! Going to the Mother Ship on Thursday depending on work, shall I visit the store for you?
  6. yes yes please......thank you...for looking....:flowers:
  7. Nordstrom in Seattle had the large black last time I was there... 206-628-2111
  8. The Atlanta NM had a large black Muse and XL's in chocolate and Oak when I was there on Wednesday of last week. The SA who helps me is Pia. Call her and see if it is still there.

    Also Saks in Atlanta had black patten in large, XL in chocolate, bronze large and ivory large.
  9. i got a chocolate one from NM ... I know the white one is on back- order ...

    have not seen a black one anywhere though ...
  10. Black is still available at the Nordstrom in San Diego (Fashion Valley store). Their number is 619.295.4441. Ask for Joseph--he's the best!