Black large leather cerf tote

  1. Just wondering if the cerf tote is difficult to get? I am talking about the large sized in black leather version with classic cc gold toned clasp. I found one at a local department store and put it on hold because I was told that it does not come with a box. Could that be true or should I look elsewhere? Also, is the price of $1995 old or new? Thanks so much for advice!
  2. The price of $1995 is the recent price increase from the cruise collection. I don't think the bag went up during the price increase that is getting implemented now (the Nov. 1 one). The cerf is a bag that is stocked almost everywhere, especially since the black with silver was released for the first time during this cruise collection. You can ask any nice SA and you will find it. For sure, it is being stocked at the Chanel boutiques. Good luck! Gorgeous bag :smile:
  3. BG has the large one in black in stock. Just remember, there are 2 designes of large; one is shaped similiar to the LV Sac Plat and the other is more East/West in style. Both are LARGE totes. So you have to ask and be specific about the style you want. I found this out the hard way, lol. IN the end, I wanted one w/silver hardware, so the other two were returned and the silver one became mine. Also, there is a price increase for the Cerf. It's over $2000 now. My SA sold me the other one in gold and then exchanged for the new one. That's how I found out. HTH
  4. There has been some debate about the price of the Cerf being increased. My s/a says no, the $1995 price is the current price. Others insist there will be a price increase of approximately $300.:shrugs: I'm :confused1:.
  5. i'm sorry to report i believe i saw it was increased at the chanel soho boutique this week
  6. Can anyone else confirm the price increase for the cerf? My SA promised that it would not go up and if it has, I am going to be very upset and disappointed...
  7. i can't reach any nyc boutiques because they're closed but i just called las vegas and it's still $1995 there (i'm sorry i didn't pay more attention on friday, i had already purchased mine from bg...). anyway hope that helps!
  8. Did you have to pay the difference when you exchanged your tote? Also, does it come with a Chanel box (not that this is a huge deal, but I was told that it comes with some sort of throw-away bendable box) and I'm trying to figure out if I should "push" for a box given that I'm paying a full price, etc.? Thanks so much for all the help to this question!
  9. Thank you nycmom, that was very nice of you to do that! :flowers:
  10. The Large Cert tote retails for 1995.00. There is a black w/ Gold hardware, white w/ Gold hardware, and there still may be a Black with Silver hardware (I purchased yesterday) at the Saks in Beverly Hills with my SA (Marsha). The price for sure is 1995.00. Hope that helps.. g:huh:od luck!
  11. I bought my Cerf today and it retailed for 2125.00. So it's definitely gone up. I know this is a bit late but hopefully it was helpful!
  12. ^Wow, thanks for the update! My dark brown Cerf was $1995 last month.
  13. i would love to buy a dark brown cerf! Maybe I can find one quick before the price gouge :O

    how did it go up without one of us noticing? my, how sneaky Chanel has gotten! :yucky: