black lambskin w/ new chain anywhere?

  1. anyone know where I can get a black Medium lambskin with new silver chain?

    (in USA)

  2. I just returned it to Nordstrom, Mall of America. Call Carolyn at Nordstrom and hold it for yourself. Her number is 952-883-2121 ext1390. She should recieve this bag in a couple of days. Tell her it is from Champaign, Illinois. Good Luck!!! Also, there are couple in NM(San Diego, San Francisco, Palo Alto) in California. I called last Friday.
  3. anyone seen it in Saks????

    thanks njland.

    Im trying to avoid paying sales tax!!!
  4. Neiman Marcus in San Francisco has it in the medium size and the jumbo size.
  5. There is one at Nordstrom Mall of America at the moment. Tax rate there is 6.65%, which is pretty reasonable.
  6. thanks xochrissie and CHANELboy!

    how much is the medium retail at both neimans and nordstroms?
  7. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I think the lambskin retails for $2150?

    PS - personalshoppers just listed one...:p
  8. I saw the jumbo and medium black lambskin in Bergdorfs today. If you don't live in NY, no tax.
  9. wow! $2150.00? I can get my SA to get me one for 1850$ YES!!!!

  10. The new chain version retails for $1850. The classic version is $2150.