black lambskin w/ new chain $1850.00

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  1. available..
    PM me for store info.
  2. double post.
  3. Let me clarifiy to explain that I am NOT looking for this bag. I already own one. My SA has one available for purchase in case anyone is interested. This bag currently retails for $2150.00 at all major dept stores and chanel boutiques, but her store has it at the pre increase price.
  4. Hi Cisforcoco!
    I would like to know the store info but for some reason I cant seem to use the PM function. Could you email me the info?

  5. ^ oh, its because you need to have been a member here for over 5 days AND have 5 posts =)
  6. Hi cisforcoco, thank you for sharing this information. Can I please have the information for the black lambskin with new chain? I can't PM you because although I've been in the PF for many months, I've never really posted. Thanks in advance :smile:
  7. ^ I can email you the sa's info..whats your email...
  8. What does SA stand for?
  9. SA= sales associate