black lambskin classic flap e/w pouchette Q...

  1. gals, does anyone know how long ago the black ones sold for $995 + tax (?) :shrugs:...i supposedly bought one w/GH today for that price @ NM's & went over the description several times on the phone w/the SA to make sure she had the right bag...i thought the "before price increase" price was higher than that, but i'm really new to chanel & i've gotten so many conflicting quotes from different stores around the U.S.A....TIA :love:
  2. I had no idea but mine was bought a few days ago for $1125 plus tax. It's black lambskin e/w and the style number is A28598. The current price is approx. $1550-$1595 (not sure yet).

    Oh! but yours is gold hardware. I heard that the current model comes with silver hardware. So maybe it's an old stock...I'm curious too.
  3. I was quoted $995 tonite at Neimans at Merrick on their petite pouchette in caviar., only till Monday though.
  4. wow, it's so confusing how the prices vary from store to store :confused1:..."Saks" in nyc told me the caviar pouchette was $1050 (pre-price hike)...i'm guessing mine is from old stock then & that's why the price is different...i've heard the price on classics went up 2x in the last year, is that true (?) :shrugs:
  5. i thought the $995 is the Wallet on the chain ! because it has a flap too!
  6. the one I saw Tonite at Neimans was not the wallet on a chain but the classic petite pouchette in caviar, it was so pretty, price $995.00
  7. yikes, i hope that's not what she's sending me :confused1:...does anyone have a photo of what the wallet on the chain looks like (?)...and does lambskin always cost more than caviar (?)...i guess my hope is that the bag i bought was from old stock, which would make sense if the last batch only came with silver hardware & mine has gold :s
  8. Here are my caviar and lambskin pouchettes.

  9. hmm, the last time i checked out the e/w, it was $1050 for the caviar pre-price hike. i'm pretty sure the $995 is for older stock, but i'm not 100% sure.
  10. ^^ that's what i'm hoping *jennifer* :angel:

    p.s. but the bag i ordered is lambskin, not caviar (?)
  11. thanks ymad, that's pretty, but it looks like my caviar wallet on a chain & i definitely don't need another one of those :p...i think i'm safe though, because the SA said my bag was quilted lambskin with gold hardware, so hopefully i'm okay (fingers crossed!!!) :tender:
  12. ^^ wow, what beautiful bags bretiny :love:

    p.s. i'm hoping mine is like your black, but w/GH!!!
  13. ^^ thanks for the info. habanerita :cutesy:
  14. ah yes, missing the quilts...:noworry: i guess i was so focused on this wallet because i stopped by saks to check it out topic, but i didn't think it would stay closed with a cellphone in, can you hold much stuff in your wallet?

    also, if i call NM and ask about the "pouchette", will the SA know i mean the E/W? all this talk of the delay in price hike and the pics of bretiny's beautiful bags is really tempting me now even though i've been so good so far...:girlsigh: