Black Lambskin and Bijoux Chain???

  1. My sales offer me a black lambskin with bijoux chain!! Is this a good buy? or should I get a classic caviar flap with silver chain instead? How about lambskin is it durable? I'm always in love with white but I decide not to get white with lambskin....Help me decide guys!!:nuts:
  2. I love lambskin but i'm concerned abt it's leather. Therefore, i still prefer to get it in caviar with classic chain (silver hw).

    If u like it in bijoux chain, i wuld suggest other colors if u can get it. Definitely not white for me, i'm worried abt the color and also gets dirty easily and not easy to maintain.
  3. yeah...I love the white in bijoux chain~~ but Im worried that it will get dirty soon so thats why i asked for a black one...but is black lambskin hard to take care and maintain?
  4. If u choose black lambskin, the color looks easily to care than white but i'm concerned abt gettin scratches due to delicate leather:flowers:
  5. Last week I saw this purse in the boutique in Amsterdam. My advise: I would not buy it... although I love the chain but I already saw a scratch that should suppose to be on the flap (where the CC lockit is). I bought the black Caviar Jumbo instead
  6. Where have you seen white with bijoux chain? I would love to have one of those.
  7. ummm....I need more opinion!! Because I'm going to pick up the bag on wednesday....More Advice needed pls..........
  8. I love the lambskin jumbo classic flaps with the bijoux chain! I have this bag in the dark grey, and I am so glad I bought it last year. If I didn't already have this style in the dark grey (and if I had an unlimited money tree), I would grab the black lambskin. I think it is a gorgeous bag with lush leather. It does need more care than caviar flaps, but it is not super-delicate. I would get it. The bijoux chain is so beautiful against the black lambskin leather.
  9. I saw a black lambskin jumbo for sale and it looked awefull! Full of sratches, I also have the grey lambskin jumbo, but the black shows all of the marks, if you can baby it and I def would'nt use it as an everyday bag, then go for it!
  10. ITA- gorgeous gorgeous bag, but you will need to baby the lambskin. I'm always jealous of lambskin bags but always buy caviar bags because I don't trust myself enough to take proper care of the leather. I love the new chain too!
  11. I think this combo would look beautiful. But it seems everyone is saying the same thing-lambskin is just harder to take care of... get it if you really love and you're willing to baby it a little. :smile:
  12. THIS is the bag i really love!!
    GO FOR IT!
  13. ummm....still deciding ...hopefully i can get more opinions!!
  14. I want to see pics :smile:

  15. I have the white jumbo lambskin with the bijoux chain and am
    afraid to use it! Any suggestions on a good protectant?