black lamb leather tote, durable?

  1. my SA tried to persuade me get the large ultimate soft, which I almost got it on the spot. But i was hesitated by the lamb leather. Is it durable? Thanks for your input.
  2. I almost bought this bag as well.. but since I was trying to find an everyday bag, i resisted.. I am a bit rough on my bags.. esp if it is an everyday bag.. I use it for school too.. but its just my opinion..
    i always have caviar.. I hear lambskin scratches easily
  3. lamb is Chanel's least durable/most delicate.
    However, someone here that has it swars she carries it very often and doesn't baby it and it's still perfect.
    It's finished differently than their traditional lamb so maybe it's slightly more durable?

    I'm personally too scared to carry one of those on a daily basis though:yes: