Black Lamb Jumbo vs. Ecru Caviar Jumbo???

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  1. Hi everyone...

    I would love to get some opinions on which bag I should get between 2 jumbos.

    Black Lamb GHW vs. Ecru Caviar SHW
    (sorry no pics, but I'm sure you guys know what these 2 bags look like) :biggrin:

    I posted a week or so ago that I had purchased a m/l black lamb with SHW, but that I was unhappy with the size. I was waiting for the Black Lamb Jumbo with GHW to be transferred to NM. I went in today to make the swap and I saw the Ecru and thought it was very beautiful and different from what I already own. All my Chanels are black, BUT i don't own ANY classic flaps at all. Chances are I may only purchase 1 flap if the prices go up again any time soon. Is the black a better choice for someone who will only have 1 classic flap?

    Thanks for any opinions! :tender:
  2. Definitely Ecru, I think I'm getting one for myself :P The color is beyond gorrrrrgeous, and I like it how it blends with the SHW, and looks so perfect with caviar ;)
  3. ecru caviar jumbo... :smile:
  4. Ecru Caviar for sure....
  5. ecru!!!
  6. Ecru!
  7. Wow! Really? I was totally expecting to hear black since this may well be my only flap and black is supposed to be "the" classic color.

    Thx for your opinions!
  8. Chanel is like potato chips (really expensive ones). You can't stop at just one. :Push:
  9. LOL!

    But I would say black!!
  10. What does ecru caviar look like?
  11. Definitely the Ecru! I was told NM sold out the Ecru. You are lucky to find one.
  12. Wow, I didn't realize Ecru was so rare!! I saw the ecru in the m/l size few weeks ago and yesterday I saw it in the Jumbo as well. So I figured it would be around if I chose to get it later. Is it a seasonal color for the spring?
  13. :lol: So true! I have several Chanel bags and I have recently gotten into the classic flaps. I fear that I will still want more even after the price hike!

    Sheesh :sweatdrop:
  14. If you're only getting 1, I'd get black. The Ecru color is absolutely stunning, but it's in washed squishy caviar. For my OCD self, I'd only get light color Chanels in rigid caviar because they would keep clean longer. You can wipe them down with baby wipes. But I think the squishy caviar feels more absorbent, and any dirt you get on it will probably be much harder to clean. For the price of the jumbo, I don't want to have a heart attack every time I take it out.
  15. I've got the Ecru Jumbo in SHW and it's TDF! It is supposedly a seasonal color but I find it much more beautiful than their classic beige. I also love how the new caviar is much softer than the classic caviar, yet not as delicate as the lambskin.