Black Laila and Black Mamma sage, do I need both?

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  1. I recently did the charge send for Black goat sage from Niagra falls,NY. I love the bag but have not cut the tags yet...I also have black laila. Are these two bags too similar to keep both? Should I keep both, keep laila or keep the sage? What would you do?

  2. Girl stop u know u gotta keep Laila!!!
  3. lol!! you are right, I don't think I can let the laila go, I love the shimmery black leather. The question then is do I need the mamma sage?
  4. I love black bags and have many of them, so I would keep both.

  5. hmmmmm..I just dont care for the mama sage like I do the Laila
    I wish I had gotten Black
  6. I love both but black Laila is just HOT - one of my fav bags! Send Mama Sage back.
  7. Another vote for Laila
  8. ITA! Mama is a beauty, but she's too heavy. Keep Laila!
  9. Thank you ladies!! I was very excited to get teh mamma sage, I have other heavy bags but mamma I felt is a little too heavy for me. I guess ts going back. Appreciate all your input!
  10. They are pretty similar too keep both IMHO i had both and returned my Laila in favor of the Sage. For one thing i wanted a true black bag, with the shimmer on the Laila it almost looks like a faded black, for lack of a better description. Plus i already have the grey python Laila. I personally LOVE the mamma Sage, she is probably one of my favorite bags I own, she is heavy but personally I dont think she's much heavier than the Laila. I love the way she looks, and I especially love that she's a great everyday bag that I feel like will withstand anything. I think the Laila is gorgeous too, but once I saw the black Goat Sage I didn't even give a second thought about returning my Laila for her.
  11. I would keep them both!!!!
    BG SAGE is so different - love the hardware and the studded features on her!!!
    I love the Laila too!!! Too great bags you can't go wrong with!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  12. Laila!