black lady braid pics!!

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  1. whooo hoooo! :yahoo:

    finally, after weeks of waiting and wondering if i was going to ever get one, here is my black lady braid handbag!

    i love her! :heart:

    thanks for letting me share!

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  2. absolutely stunning!!!!!
  3. pics of the bag on me...

    please excuse the wiring on the last pic :P

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  4. Contrats on your beautiful bag. It looks stunning on you.
  5. Oh, it is GORGEOUSSSSSSSS!!!!! Congrats!
  6. BEAUTIFUL!!! :heart:

    Jennifer, is the bag fairly snug on the shoulder? It's one of my favourite bags of the season, but I'm not keen on hand-held bags.
  7. thanks, all!!

    lily, it's just right on the shoulder when unstuffed (for me, it feels like a b-bag twiggy). if it was filled with stuff, i imagine it would be uncomfortable on the shoulder.
  8. That bag is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Love it
  9. It's gorgeous and it looks fabulous on you!
  10. Look FABULOUS Jen!!! :yes: So glad that you finally have it in your hands!!

    Congrats!! I love the intertwining chain and leather of the strap - Sooooo pretty!! :love: and since you like Twiggys... you must be loving this shape too!!

    Wow.. that leather looks so buttery soft!! Is it just as soft as the Ultimate Soft?
  11. Cheers, Jennifer! You wear it really well, too. :yes:
  12. never seen this style of lady braid, what's is called? i love the black. I'm begging my bf for the the flap one in either black or violet for xmas. the handle is great :smile:
  13. This is a stunning bag! Congrats, hope you get to wear it on turkey day!
  14. ^^^thank you! i am just petting this bag bc it's so soft.

    gymangel, this is just the "lady braid" tote, style # is A33303. the tag just calls it "woman handbag". the lady braid flap is really adorable. it's great in purple!

    jessica, is it obvious how much i favor twiggys? :shame:
    the handle detailing is what i love the most of this bag and the vintage ligne. the leather is very very soft. i haven't touched an ultimate soft yet, but this bag has buttery leather and is quite smooshy bc of the puffy quilting. :heart:
  15. OMGoodness! What a gorgeous bag!! I LOVE how impeccably it's wrapped when you first get it!:heart:
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