Black ladies please advices


Nov 10, 2006
I have lost my hair last years now they are growing, but too short for extensions
I go to an african hairdressing salon for braiding hair
She do it very well, but she don't sell super quality hair.
I told her , i will look on web, because she tell me that i can find very top quality hair like silk.
Can you give me some websites who sell top quality hair for braiding ?
Can you give me some good brand name, some advices ?
In advance i thank everibody for this help and advice



Oct 13, 2006
Hello, I dont get braids, but I am sure if u go to a good hair shop u can get some high quality hair, I would not buy online as u cannot see what the hair would truly look like. Where are u based? If it is in UK I can help u?


Nov 10, 2006
You are nice but I'm based in France north east .....
my black friends are doing her hair with familly and they don't buy the same hair like me
My hairdresser give me an adress for buying hair (chinese shop) but they don't have choice and poor quality
There is another african shop , my hairdresser tell me they are too expensive and no choice for 20 inch(she don't like this shop LOL)
She tell me there is a very top quality, she show me a piece , very soft , like silk and you can use it many time,the quality is really nice when the hair touch the skin, shoulder or the back
i'ts the reason i was looking for an international website
About the colour it's not a problem, my hair are really dark, but i coloured my hair especially for summer
The hairdresser salon is not a "fashion class" salon, but the woman is very nice and do really great job, absolutly no problem with my braiding , i don't feel it

Perhaps you know the name of a good premium brand ?
price is not a problem if the quality is top


Dec 29, 2006
Baton Rouge
Well, depending on how much you want to spend, you could use a brand called Black diamond. It is a nice beauty shop brand hair that should last a while for braiding, but if you want a high quality braiding beauty supply store brand, try Bohyme. I have use the natual wave Bohyme braiding hair for tree braids and the hair will not tangle or matt at all.

You can look at the website, for more different kinds of hair and depending on where you live, go to the hair shops and ask them what is the best brand. You can also try the website for more help.

Hope this helps.


MCM is bae!
Oct 10, 2005
I don't know about buying hair online. Like someone mentioned before, you need to find a quality beauty supply, so that you may examine the hair before purchasing. Also you said you had a problem with your hair falling out- braids, esp african ones, can pull, add stress, and tension to your hairline and other areas if they are done very tight are too often. After taking your braids down you're supposed to let your hair rest for a few weeks before getting them done again.


Mar 31, 2007
Do you have the magazine Sophisticate's Black Hair where you are? They could give you some tips, and if I'm not mistaken, some leads on where to get quality hair for extensions and so forth if you have to get it by mail. I do have a cousin who does hair and she swears by Yaki although she thinks Bohyme is good, too. You may also want to try I haven't used the site but a lady I work with mentioned it in passing before. I just checked it out, and they seem to offer many different types of hair. As a last resort you may want to try Sally Beauty at I don't know what hair is made for US on that website, but it could be a starting point. If you have a friend or stylist who can look at those sites and advise you it may help. I don't get my hair braided so I cannot advise directly, but if I come across any more information I'll pass it on!



Nov 10, 2006
Thank you very much Caxe
about the magazine sophisticate's black hair, i will search and ask my hairdresser or my friends
again thank you for your advice