Black Kooba Carla on Bluefly for a great $$!

  1. You've gotta be kidding, see that thread I just posted?, thought I got a great deal, LOL
  2. I just checked and there are 5 left!
  3. I had to search a bit to find that $30 off coupon, and it supposedly expired the 11th, but danged if it didn't still work! :yahoo:
  4. Wow, such a deal. I'd get one if I weren't saving up for other stuff . . . (sighs)
  5. The model makes it look pretty large and it says that the weight is 3 1/2 lbs. Does anyone have one and what do you think?
  6. I had one in metallic brown and it's not heavy at all. Least I didn't think so?
  7. Aww man, I'm tempted to get it but I have two Carlas already!!! Must...resist!!! :lol:

    Ciatta, that is a great deal and a great purse. It's a little heavy but no heavier than a Sienna.
    So if you can handle the Sienna, you'll be totally fine! I love this bag! :yes:
  8. Great Deal! Is it the same leather as the smooth Sienna? Its gone.
  9. yay!! I got one! I hope it's as cool as it looks-I think it would make a great weekend bag. Those went really fast they're sold out now-a BIG thank you to Grace123 for the heads-up! :nuts:
  10. I'm not sure what the leather's like, but when it arrives, I'll let you know. I don't have a smooth Sienna though, so I can't really compare them?

  11. YAAAY! I'm glad you got one! :tup: I have a horrid suspicion when it arrives, I may be too selfish to give it to my sis. :graucho: Maybe she'd really like a KVZ bag instead huh? :roflmfao:
  12. The leather on the black Carla is a mix of satin, matte and polished (not patent) areas and is thicker than on a smooth Sienna. Here are a couple photos of the black Sienna from the auction I won so you can see the leather for comparison.
    61vxgci.jpg 4kbdaqf.jpg 6ftteti.jpg
  13. LOLOL