Black kid leather VP's or black patent VP's

  1. I ordered the black kid leather VP's with red tip from Saks but I also pre ordered the black patent VP's with burgandy tip from bergdorf. I only want to keep one of them. I have alot of black patent already but not much black leather. I'm leaning towards the kid leather but just wanted your opinions.:p Which ones should I keep?? :confused1:
  2. If it was up to me. I would go with the patent black with red tip because I have the Architek already in black. If you have lots of patent shoes then I would go with the all leather.
  3. I love my VP's with red tip so that's what I would get, the patent ones are gorgeous too but more dressy.
  4. I would go with the black leather with the red tip if you already own a lot of Patent leather. I think both are gorgeous but the kid leather would be a great addition to what you already own.
  5. I have the black patent VP, and I say go with the kid leather since you already own a lot of patent.
  6. I was in the same situation last year. I did not think I could keep both. I chose the black patent with burgundy tip because I loved the way the patent reflected light. I returned the black kid leather with red tip, but it haunted me for months. I kept seeing it in pictures and knew that I wanted them back. I had an SA at Saks track them down and they made their way back to my feet. I now have both and the black kid gets more wear. I just have not had enough occasions or outfits to wear the black patent ones. Bottom line is this: if you absolutely cannot have both, it sounds like the black kid leather VPs would better suit your needs.
  7. I just bought the black kid with red tip from Saks, and have the black patent with burgundy tip from BG on pre-order. I have a TON of black patent shoes (I have gone nuts on them in fact in the past couple of months) but these are sort of a HG shoe for me so I simply must get them!
  8. I concur if you have alot of patent already go for the kid VP.
  9. I prefer the leather ones.
  10. I vote leather since you already have a bunch of patent!
  11. I would love to get my hands on the kid with the red tip! May I ask which Saks you were able to locate these??? Keep them!!
  12. While I love both, IMO the black leather red tip are just divine!!! I say go for those!!!
  13. Thanks ladies for all your input :smile: I will keep the kid leather ones. I do think I will get more use out of them than the patent, even though I'm a sucker for patent but I guess I need to draw the line somewhere. I should be getting them next week so I will post pics when I get them. Thanks again for everybody's help!:flowers:

    cjy: I got them at the Saks in Bal Harbour. They had alot of sizes left so you should definitely call!!
  14. I just did!!! I ordered them from Ernest. They did not have my size there, but he found them and he was super duper nice!! I did not think these shoes were anywhere to be found so thank you!!! :upsidedown::smile: Well, it is sooo true we are such enablers here!!!!:yes:
  15. Oh, I want some too! How do I reach Ernnest? I need some enabling? :smile: Maybe he can help me locate the brown kid ones as well. No SA here in the Dallas area Saks really wants to help! The closest Saks that carries CLs is in Houston! I go to SanFran more often. I have Barney's and NM, but sometimes they dont carry everything I want. :sad: