Black Kelly 35 cm in Togo or Vache Liegee?

  1. Apologies if I have spelt the Liegee (?) incorrectly!!

    Any thoughts on which of these would be best. Looking for an all around bag for any and all occasions. Hardwearing but smart.

    Both are with PH.

    Hopefully getting it on Thursday!!
  2. I am a fan of Vache Liegee, durable, holds its' shape, seems water resistant, no wear on corners, develops a patina and softens with use (but still will not slouch). The negative is the price, but it holds up so well, I would recommend it.
  3. i second janney -- it has a sheen that a togo does not have, which I love about VL, but slightly less scratch resistant that togo.

    My vote would be for VL
  4. i vote for VL too. i see too much togo around.
  5. Although I don't know from personal experience, I expect togo would be heavier. My VL birkin is very light-weight. However, I do think togo leather is lovely.
  6. To me Togo is a little to casual for a kelly. I know many will disagree but I like the kelly to look more elegant
  7. Togo is much heavier in my opinion. VL can look a little like Epsom to my eye, but it is nicer to the touch.
  8. To me, VL and Togo are very different from one another, so I think it really depends on whether you prefer a dressier or a casual look?
  9. sara, what did you decide? I assume you picked one yesterday (thursday)? Do tell!
  10. I love VL-has worn very well but it is more $$.I guess u have to see both togo and VL to see what u love the most