black jumbo with bijoux chain still available?

  1. in any stores in California? im from Australia and can call up and get the SA to send to someone in California for me... then ill get her to send it to me... please let me know if anyone has seen one? or are they all sold out?
  2. oops can mods please move this to the shopping thread... thanks!
  3. i'm not sure about the black, but the white is probably still around. you could call NM , Saks or the boutique in BH in Cali to check.

  4. thanks leluxe... i was just wondering if anyone on here saw any in California before i start calling... thanks for your help tho!

    btw can anyone tell me if the new chain is limited edition or its here to stay?
  5. can anyone tell me if theres any left is US at all? thanks so much!
  6. Try NM at Natick and ask for SA Mariana [SIZE=-1](508) 620-5700. They are a new store and have EVERYTHING (as the store is in the burbs and has very little traffic). Good luck!
  7. NM king of prussia has one as of last thursday.
  8. thanks malish and sjunky13!! will definitely give those places a call!
  9. I just got a distressed black jumbo with bijoux chain in the Chanel in Amsterdam.

    Don't know if your interested in that one, but they defo had one more in stock.;)
  10. ^Could you please show a picture of this one, and tell how much you it was. I think I will go to Amsterdam in a few days
  11. NM San Antonio has available both
    NM has both distressed and caviar