Black jumbo lambskin or black jumbo patent for your first chanel?

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  1. Ok girls this is my situation. I am struggling between the black lambskin jumbo or the black patent jumbo for my first chanel. what will u choose for your first chanel classic flap?:graucho:
  2. I would say black lambskin as u will never go wrong it ur dressing with it. However in my opinion, the patent is more of a funky/casual dress bag and might not be very suitable for all occasions as compared to the classic black lambskin. :smile:
    GOod luck!
  3. i would go for lambskin :P
  4. Lambskin is devine! But I think that it would require more care than patent, so I really think you need to get one that will suit your needs. :biggrin:
  5. Definitely lambskin! Patent is a great extra...but start with a classic :smile:.
  6. lambskin or caviar
  7. My vote is for lambskin :smile:.
  8. Lamb, buttt I love the patent also!!!
  9. Lambskin, but I prefer caviar.
  10. I would go with the Lambskin as I find patent will have all those finger prints. Good Luck deciding!
  11. Another vote for Lambskin!
  12. Patent is lovely and more durable than lambskin. If you are using this as an everyday bag or prefer not having to baby your bag, then go for patent (and yes, I agree that caviar is an even better option!).
  13. my first chanel is a black jumbo lambskin. so my vote goes to lambskin! :smile:
  14. ITA. Patent is undestructable and even more durable than caviar. I take my patent in the rain without any problems. You should also consider caviar.
  15. My vote is for patent!!