Black Jumbo flap or reissue 228 silver hw

  1. I wonder about these bags..
    I haven't seen a black flap or reissue in black with silver hard it just a rare bag?? Or has there never been one??:confused1:

    Can anyone clarify this??

  2. I think I posted this in the wrong forum....sorry Mods..
  3. The black jumbos with silver HW are still around and the black reissue with silver hardware is from 2006. Hope that helps.
  4. The jumbos are around. I just bought one a few months ago. I didn't even have to wait; I just called my SA and she luckily had one in store.
  5. There are definately jumbos around, but if there isn't you can usually waitlist and one will pop up sooner or later. There is a metallic black re-issue coming out with silver hardware in the fall.
  6. I think i've seen the black caviar jumbo with silver h/w at Saks, OR abt a month ago. You can call and check with them
  7. the metallic black reissue is coming in size 228
  8. Thanks Ladies!!
    This helps a lot..since I haven't seen them IRL yet, I almost thought this bag just hasn't come out yet!
    I want to buy a Chanel when I'm on vacation in Las Vegas (jan 2008) and since the ones that I wanted (black cambon reporter, luxe bowler large or luxe flap) are gone:sad:, one of these bags are next on the list.
    I hope they'll be in store when I'm there, cause I'm only gona be there for a week! I'm going to check them out next week when i'm Paris...
    Thnx agaian Ladies!!:flowers:

    P.S. I don't want to buy in Amsterdam.:tdown: And it's more fun buying it on vacation, right?:nuts:

  9. Really?