Black Jumbo Flap in Lambskin w/gold?

  1. Has anyone see this? Or does anyone know where I can find one? As much as I've tried, I don't like medium size or caviar leather ... so I'm going for what I truly love and want .. BIG LAMBSKIN! ;)

  2. Regina07, I am looking of the same bag as you have specified. I have searched Singapore and Hong Kong. Both do not have them Apparently, the bag that we want is not in this season. So, likelihood we have no chance finding one. If you like lambskin in blue or white perforated and jumbo size, I saw them in Hong Kong Chanel store. They come in silver hardware.

  3. Thanks Nefy! Guess I'll be saving money this spring/summer.
  4. The only jumbos I know of that CHANEL is currently producing is the jumbo perforated in multi colors or the new jumbo lamb with a new linked silver chain. This one is coming in white, red, and black for $1850 in the US.
  5. Actually I JUST got off the phone with Jennifer at your store and the lambskin with new silver chain that you store ordered is the medium size at $1850 - A35190 is the style number for medium, and A35192 is the style number for Jumbo.:yes: